Beyond the Wand – Tom Felton

I really enjoyed this very honest, well written book by Tom Felton. As a fan of Harry Potter and someone who has always been impressed with the child actors and actresses and how down to earth manner in which they grew up, it was interesting to read the first book written by any of them.

The honesty with which Tom writes is refreshing and educational. This comes from his motivation to write this book, which was to help people. The tone of this book is grateful and humble which is nice to see as sometimes autobiographies can be a little self aggrandising and make it clear that the author feels like a victim when they may not necessarily be a victim.

Tom has had a fascinating acting career and has now diversified into other areas. It is lovely to see his ongoing connections to people he has worked with and his empathy for the position that other actors and people have found themselves in.

I read this book in one day with a couple of breaks to do some other stuff and would recommend it to not just Potter fans but anyone who is interested in autobiographies.

I look froward to seeing where Tom’s career brings him.

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