‘The Thursday Murder Club’ – Richard Osman

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you crossed the Famous Five crossed with Miss Marple? If so, Richard Osman's first mystery novel 'The Thursday Murder Club' is the book for you! This wonderfully written, charming story is based around an interesting group of friends, Elizabeth, Joyce, Ibrahim and Ron, who live in a … Continue reading ‘The Thursday Murder Club’ – Richard Osman

‘Son of Escobar First Born’ -Roberto Sendoya Escobar

Sometimes fact is stranger than fiction! This may be a cliche, but, in the case of this autobiography, I think it is reasonable to say. The author, Roberto Sendoya Escobar brings the reader through some of the extraordinary situations he has found himself over his lifetime, as well as some of the notorious people his … Continue reading ‘Son of Escobar First Born’ -Roberto Sendoya Escobar

Marian Keyes Novel Writing Class

The Author Marian Keyes is holding a four week, online Novel writing class, at the moment (January 2021). If you miss the live sessions (which I have) you can catch up with it on her YouTube channel, https://www.youtube.com/user/himselfkeyes/featured. I have only just discovered her course at the end week one. However, Marian is posting a … Continue reading Marian Keyes Novel Writing Class