Writing Habit

I have been researching how to create a good writing habit for myself, as it is a skill that I would like to improve upon. According to a number of sources, the following suggestions should help you to do just that.

  1. Read a wide variety of both authors and subjects to get as much exposure to writing styles as possible.
  2. Build a writing ritual, by using a particular location, soundtrack, smell, drink, or anything that puts you in the mindset to write.
  3. Set a word count for that session.
  4. Do not edit as you write, do that afterwards.
  5. Keep the creative momentum going.
  6. Realise that your first and final drafts will not necessarily look anything alike.
  7. Read what you write out loud as rhythm is very important to writing.
  8. Keep things simple. (KISS)

I will use these tips together with some writing challenges from various writing sites to try and increase my skills.

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