Table Topics Area Contest

Last night, I took part in the Area level Table Topics competition hosted by Tara Toastmasters and held on Zoom. In the Humorous Speech competition Colm Roe from our Club came second, his speech was hilarious, he is an established Toastmaster, a joy to listen to and a wonderful speaker. Well done Colm!

I took part in the Table Topics Competition, and I drew the highest number on the dice (11) so I was the first speaker. They used the dice to randomly decide what order people spoke in, when you do these things face to face, they might ask you to pick a piece of paper with a number written on it, but, using an app to shake two dice was the online solution. I did not make the most of the time I was given, and my thoughts could have been clearer. All in all, I think coming third was probably fair, if not a little generous, but, i’ll take it. It gives me encouragement to do better next time. The gent who won my section, absolutely deserved to win, he was brilliant. He knew that the quote we were given “We are citizens of the world. The tragedy of our times is that we do not know this.” was from the 28th American President Woodrow Wilson.

We were also asked to give a light hearted fun fact about yourself, I told them that I had a deeply silly streak and that I was part of a Haka Flashmob on Grafton Street, a few years ago when Ireland played New Zealand.

Well done to the winners of both competitions who came from UCD Smurfit Business School.

Table Topics Club Competition

Our Club held a Humorous Speech and Table Topics Competition on the 13th of October. I took part in and won the Table Topics section of the evening. The next level is the Area Competition that is going to be held on the 22nd of October. It is been hosted by Tara Toastmasters on Zoom. It will consist of the winners of all the Area’s Clubs competing against each other.

Table Topics is a part of the evening where you don’t need to prepare a speech, but you just reply to whatever the topic is that you are given by the Table Topics Master. In a Table Topics competition everyone is given the same amount of time on the same topic, which is fair. The topic that was posed to those taking part in the Club competition was along the lines of ‘what good things will come from Covid’.

I went first, during the club night, as I was the Zoom Master for the evening, so I was able to listen to the speakers who came after me, this was nice, as you normally miss out on some or all of the other speakers.

It will be interesting to see what topic we are given in the area competition. Apparently, sometimes the Table Topics Master provides a topic that is more about their knowledge than giving people a chance to speak on a topic off the cuff.

Whoever wins the area competition will go on to the District Level and will represent the entire Area in that Competition.

Good luck to everyone taking part at the Area level.

More Toastmasters

Toastmasters had a meeting last night, which I attended. It was a good evening as the theme was music, something I love. One of the things that the Toastmaster does during these meetings, is that they ask all the people that are helping to run the meeting, a question that fits the theme for that night. On this occasion, the question was about musical memories. Some of the answers were really funny. The people I was talking to you were friendly and kind. I won a second ribbon for the Table Topics section of speeches, myself and the other two guests who spoke, won them. I am glad that I started to attend this club.

My First Toastmasters Meeting

On Tuesday evening, after my guitar class, I attended my first Toastmasters meeting. This is another thing that I have intended to do for the longest time. The people at the meeting were very friendly and helpful, they explained how the event is run as well as explaining a bit about the qualifications you can earn over time. Having been in the debating society in School and enjoying language, I thought that Toastmasters might be a good fit. The evening pivots around four people making prepared speeches and a section called Table Topics, where one of the club members is charged with the task of coming up with various topics that people need to speak about, without being able to prepare any remarks. There were about 10 different topics that people tackled. As a guest, I was allowed to take part in this part of the evening, so I picked the last Table Topic, which was the question ‘Where else would you like to live and why?’. I stood up and told the gathered members that I would choose to live in an international airport hub, due to the prospect of different daily adventures you could have, travelling to the various countries that airports serve. They liked my little speech and awarded me the ribbon for best Table Topics speech for that evening. This was a wonderful surprise and I was ridiculously pleased to receive it. Thank you, Toastmasters! I will go back to join this club, as I believe that Toastmasters has valuable lessons for me to learn. I have included a link below to Toastmasters, should you be interested in learning more about the group.