The role of Grammarian involves commenting on the use of language during the meeting, in our Club we incorporate it with the role of the Ah Counter. Part of the role is to introducing the word of the day.

You can use the meetings theme to help you pick a word of the day.

Prior to meeting
Before the meeting, you should select word of the day, then display word in front of the Club Members. You will need to prepare sentences that explain meaning of the word and how it used. Prepare a brief explanation of the duties of grammarian for benefit of guests.

During the Meeting

Introduce the role of Grammarian to the Club Members.
You will also need to listen to word usage, write down particularly good uses of language and your reason for selection. Note speakers concerned.

Note who used word of the day.

Grammarians Report

Use of good language, reasons for selection, announce who used the word of the day.

Listening Post

Another role in Toastmasters is that of the Listening Post, the aim of the role of listening post is to listen to all the evenings speakers and then test how well members have been listening during the meeting. It is also to help all members with their listening skills. When it is your turn to be introduced to the audience, take 2 minutes to explain the role to the gathered members.

During meeting:
Listen for facts, quotes and listening points.
Turn these into 8-10 questions and answers
Keep notes as meeting goes on

End of Meeting:
Stand at lectern
Present your questions to the audience to test their listening skills
Mix them up, don’t do them in chronological order

Start easy and get harder
Try true/false format
Split into two team’s right vs left or girls vs boys

Try to be amusing

Reporting time: 2-3 Minutes