‘The Panda, The Cat and the Dreadful Teddy’ – Paul Magrs

This is one of those gift books that you frequently receive at Christmas or for your birthday. It is a parody of inspirational quote books that you see, it is the story of three friends who are trying and sometimes managing to live their best lives. One quote from the book is "nothing beats kindness" … Continue reading ‘The Panda, The Cat and the Dreadful Teddy’ – Paul Magrs

‘Son of Escobar First Born’ -Roberto Sendoya Escobar

Sometimes fact is stranger than fiction! This may be a cliche, but, in the case of this autobiography, I think it is reasonable to say. The author, Roberto Sendoya Escobar brings the reader through some of the extraordinary situations he has found himself over his lifetime, as well as some of the notorious people his … Continue reading ‘Son of Escobar First Born’ -Roberto Sendoya Escobar

‘Under your Skin’ – Rose McClelland

‘Under your skin’ is Rose McClelland’s first foray into writing psychological thriller’s and is a compelling journey through the all too believable extraordinary life of her characters.  ‘Under your skin’ came out during the Pandemic in 2020, and is Rose’s fourth book, but her first entry in this genre, it is a major departure from … Continue reading ‘Under your Skin’ – Rose McClelland