Documentary Podcast Suggestions

I thought that I would create a list of Documentary Podcasts that I have enjoyed, which will include a short summary of what they are about. All of these Podcasts have short seasons and are bingeable. I will update this list as I find more. Some of these will be better known than others, they are listed in no particular order.

  1. The Missing Cryptoqueen
    This is about a woman who creates a Cryptocurrency and her disappearance.
  2. The Catch & Kill Podcast
    Ronan Farrow reporting on the crimes of Harvey Weinstein
  3. Finding Natasha
    The story of a young English Ballerina in the 1970’s who is saved by a girl.
  4. Bernie : Who killed the Prince of Soho?
    Bernie, the Manager of the Groucho Club in Soho, London dies in mysterious circumstances.
  5. The Nobody Zone
    in 1983 Kieran Patrick Kelly confessed to multiple murders in London. This podcast tries to untangle fact from fiction.

Bitsbopsthingies Podcast Blog

I have started a standalone blog for my new Podcast posts, called Feel free to follow that Blog if you would like to see the research materials I use for my Podcast of the same name. I am still working on the first few episodes for the Podcast, and I intend to start publishing them by the start of February 2020, hopefully people will find it interesting. I may keep posting the Podcasts posts here too, I don’t know yet. In time, I will of course be adding a link to that Blog to this account. There will be a future post explaining the premise of the new Podcast.

Thank you for reading this post.


I am using Anchor.Fm as the distribution hub for my Podcast, as I had seen it recommended on the Tom on the Enthusiasm Project YouTube Channel. is simple and intuitive to use. it has all the tools you need to create and launch a Podcast, from recording the Podcast to the assets that you can use to make intro’s and outro’s. It has sound effects and a system that allows people to leave you messages that can be incorporated into the Podcast. These are of course wonderful features by themselves, but, one of the biggest features of is that the site pushes your Podcast out to all the Podcast broadcast platforms with one push of a button. This is a massive time saver and just makes things so much easier. I love this feature, all you need to do is tick the platforms you want to use, when you are setting up the account and that’s it. Every time you publish another episode, it will automatically be sent to those services. It took me a few minutes to set up the account and to fill in the relevant sections from the cover art to the contact details for the Podcast. It was so easy to use, and makes the management of your Podcast so very straightforward. I wish all sites were that stress free! There is a useful section on the dashboard that lets you know the steps you need to complete and how many of them you have finished, which is again, very helpful, as you exactly where you are in the setup process. Well done Thank you.

Launching a Podcast

It feels like I was the last person on the planet to start a Blog, and now I am repeating this habit with a Podcast. Like the Blogs, I had been thinking about it for a very long time (maybe a couple of years or more). The problem was the details, what would the subject matter be, would I share it with another person, how long should it be, should I use the season concept. Anyway, one evening recently, the completed plan popped into my head and I had decided on all the details and the subject matter. The subject matter and style had been rolling around in my head for quite a while. My Podcast will be six, ten minute episodes per season and each season will have a different theme which will be released on a Sunday evening. I decided that 10 minutes was probably long enough for someone to listen to me waffling on and I think the idea of six episodes per season makes the whole thing more manageable, as there will be a lot of research needed for my topics.

The Podcast is called ‘Bits, Bobs, Thingies’, I believe that the name reflects both me and the breadth of subjects that I intend to cover. It will be in the style of those ‘did you know’ informative type of Podcasts and I will be telling lesser known stories from around Dublin (Season 1) that I find interesting, and hopefully you will too. I love the idea of the hidden history that is right in front of us, and it is these stories that I will be focusing on.

Within minutes of the completed plan forming in my mind, I had a website registered, as well as Twitter and email accounts. I had set the Podcast up on for distribution purposes and my Channel Art was in place. As of yet, I have not opened a YouTube account, or other Social Media Accounts for the Podcast, as I believe that the ones already set up will be sufficient. The main function of the website will be to both feature the Podcast and any supporting or further information that I think listeners might be interested in.

I would love to buy the Rodecaster Pro, but, I think for the moment, I will see how things go with the equipment that I have. Each episode will have elements of sound design in it, to support the story being told, this means that each episode might take a little longer for me to produce than it would, if there was not any sound design.

The website is, but, it is yet to be launched, as I am still designing it. I will let people know when the site is launched.

Do you have any tips for starting a Podcast, or, do you have a Podcast? If you do, please comment below.