The role of Grammarian involves commenting on the use of language during the meeting, in our Club we incorporate it with the role of the Ah Counter. Part of the role is to introducing the word of the day.

You can use the meetings theme to help you pick a word of the day.

Prior to meeting
Before the meeting, you should select word of the day, then display word in front of the Club Members. You will need to prepare sentences that explain meaning of the word and how it used. Prepare a brief explanation of the duties of grammarian for benefit of guests.

During the Meeting

Introduce the role of Grammarian to the Club Members.
You will also need to listen to word usage, write down particularly good uses of language and your reason for selection. Note speakers concerned.

Note who used word of the day.

Grammarians Report

Use of good language, reasons for selection, announce who used the word of the day.

Grammarian Word #1

In Toastmasters, one of the roles involved is that of Grammarian. One of the main elements of this job is that you need to pick a new word for each meeting to encourage people to improve their vocabulary. Last night the word was ‘Stochastic’.

The meaning of stochastic is: “having a random probability distribution or pattern that may be analysed statistically but may not be predicted precisely.” Another definition is that it means ‘contains random variable’ or ‘involving chance or probability’.

An example sentence would be: “Random, stochastic mutations allow species to diversify.”