Dynamic Leadership Speech – Research & Presenting Level 1.3

Level 1 Evaluation and Feedback – 2 (5-7 Minutes) Madam President, Mr. Toastmaster, Fellow Toastmaster and Welcome Guests, the following speech is a short summary of events that happened 212 years just off the coast of Dun Laoghaire.  Standing on the top of the Napoleonic era Seapoint Martello Tower, looking out at the sparkling, unwrinkled … Continue reading Dynamic Leadership Speech – Research & Presenting Level 1.3

Road Space Rationing Debate

Rules:3-5 minutesProposer (me)  – 3-5 minutesOpposer – 3-5 minutesAudience – 5 minutesProposer/Opposer 1-2 minutes rebuttal and summarise points Argument:Road Space Rationing is also known as alternate-day travel, driving restriction, and no-drive days. Road Space Rationing is a travel demand management strategy that is aimed at trying to reduce urban air pollution and/or peak urban traffic, in some countries … Continue reading Road Space Rationing Debate

Dynamic Leadership – Icebreaker Speech 1.1

Lao Tzu said, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”, this evening I take my first step with you on the Toastmasters Pathway. Mr. President, Madam Toastmaster, fellow Toastmasters and welcome guests. Hello, my name is Emily and I am a photographer. Out of all the speeches we need to make … Continue reading Dynamic Leadership – Icebreaker Speech 1.1