Road Space Rationing Debate

Rules:3-5 minutesProposer (me)  – 3-5 minutesOpposer – 3-5 minutesAudience – 5 minutesProposer/Opposer 1-2 minutes rebuttal and summarise points Argument:Road Space Rationing is also known as alternate-day travel, driving restriction, and no-drive days. Road Space Rationing is a travel demand management strategy that is aimed at trying to reduce urban air pollution and/or peak urban traffic, in some countries … Continue reading Road Space Rationing Debate

Sergeant at Arms

General Tasks:Confirm room bookingEnsure Club supplies Meeting Preparation: Set up meetingArrange furnitureHand out materialsCheck temperatureAsk guests to sign inCheck badges Meeting:Open meetingWelcome everyone Let everyone know the following things:Please put your phones on silentFire exitsParking ticket validationMention tea & biscuits for networking breakEnergiser exercise / Riddle?Collect ballots and count votes After Meeting:Restore room back to … Continue reading Sergeant at Arms

Three Things Challenge #17

Haunted Wordsmith gave participants these word prompts today, as part of the Three Things Challenge: apple, cheese, dormouse. The mid-afternoon sun was shining, a warm breeze fluttered the cherry blossoms on the trees. She sat at the garden table enjoying her apple and cheese snacks when she sensed a slight movement out of the corner … Continue reading Three Things Challenge #17

Three Things Challenge #14

Todays Haunted Wordsmith word prompts are: automaton, magical, twilight. As she sat in front of the incredibly boring person, she wondered, were they an automaton? It would explain the unending monotone drone of their voice and the complete lack of personality if they were. Her mind wandered away from the white noise emanating from the … Continue reading Three Things Challenge #14