Santa – Where to find him

This is a list of places where you can find Santa on the net. This site allows Santa to send personalised letters to children. This site allows Santa send a personalised video to children. Does your child want a video call from Santa? If so, this is the site for you. reading Santa – Where to find him

Road Space Rationing Debate

Rules:3-5 minutesProposer (me)  – 3-5 minutesOpposer – 3-5 minutesAudience – 5 minutesProposer/Opposer 1-2 minutes rebuttal and summarise points Argument:Road Space Rationing is also known as alternate-day travel, driving restriction, and no-drive days. Road Space Rationing is a travel demand management strategy that is aimed at trying to reduce urban air pollution and/or peak urban traffic, in some countries … Continue reading Road Space Rationing Debate

Sergeant at Arms

General Tasks:Confirm room bookingEnsure Club supplies Meeting Preparation: Set up meetingArrange furnitureHand out materialsCheck temperatureAsk guests to sign inCheck badges Meeting:Open meetingWelcome everyone Let everyone know the following things:Please put your phones on silentFire exitsParking ticket validationMention tea & biscuits for networking breakEnergiser exercise / Riddle?Collect ballots and count votes After Meeting:Restore room back to … Continue reading Sergeant at Arms