Guitar Lesson #5

The piece of music I am trying to learn at the moment is finally starting to sound as it should. John is a great teacher and is very patient with me. It is a lot of fun and I am enjoying it. There will be no class next week due to School Mid-Term break. This means I have two weeks to nail this piece down and surprise John when I go to the next class.

Guitar Lesson #4

My fourth guitar lesson has shown so improvement in my limited abilities, this pleases me. John really is exceptionally patient with me, and very positive about my progress. I want to get a lot of practice this week so that I can surprise him next week with a marked improvement in my skills. My fingers are getting used to the stretches they need to do, and I have finally managed to keep my thumb out of the way of the strings. At least I can’t get any worse!

Guitar Lesson #3

Thankfully, John seemed happy enough with how I am progressing with the guitar. I was late to this class, as the traffic was crazy and I had received a phone call that I could not ignore just as I was leaving the house. I enjoy practising with my guitar, it is fun. There can be a lot to simultaneously remember, but, I am sure that one day, I will discover I am just playing something. That’s the plan anyway.

Guitar Lesson #2

My second guitar lesson was held this week. Thankfully, I did improve. I did make some simple mistakes, which John says are easy to rectify, which is good to hear. I am still enjoying it. I have some chromatic exercises to practice this week too. The classes are 30 minutes long, but, they feel like 2 minutes. John is a great and patient teacher, which I appreciate greatly, he seemed happy enough with my progress. I do feel a little silly sometimes, as all the other students are children (or at least the ones that I see). I know adults also use this Music School. This week was also marked by me buying more plectrums and a little plectrum holder.

Guitar Lesson #1

I had my first official guitar lesson this evening with a lovely guy named John. I have always wanted to learn to play guitar, but, other than buying a guitar and trying to learn on my own, I have not been to successful. My intention is to sit the Debut Grade Rock School of London Exam as soon as I am ready (hopefully by the end of the year?). I will need to practice every day (more than I did as a child learning either Piano or Recorder, just imagine the noise!). I am also learning online from the very knowledgeable Andy Guitar Hopefully this will speed up my learning and get me playing something that sounds like music sooner rather than later. I opted for real life lessons over self teaching, as I have tried self teaching, and I discovered that I am one of those people who needs to be kept accountable otherwise I might come up with excuses. However, if other people are involved, I will get it done, as I do not want to waste their time.