Three Things Challenge #12

Today’s prompts from Haunted Wordsmith are: misspell, front, tile.

There is a painted tile by my front door, it should say ‘Welcome Home’, however, the person painting it, painted ‘Welcome Holmes’. Sherlock Holmes would of course be welcome in my house, but, I am not sure he would step past a simple misspelling as that.

Three Things Challenge #11

Todays prompts from Haunted Wordsmith in the Three Things Challenge are: mist, shack, cliff.

People in the area spoke in hushed tones about the Banshee that lives in the dilapidated, lonely old shack near the edge of the cliff. Everyone in the village had their own examples of rumours of the screaming, odd noises and weird happenings near and in the shack. Nobody was brave enough to approach the sad little tin-roofed building, especially when it looked as creepy as it did now, shrouded in mist on a cold late autumn evening. If only they knew that the Banshee was actually an antisocial old lady with vision problems and a habit for banging into things stubbing her toes, hence the screaming. The old lady only came out in the hours of darkness so she could avoid dealing with her neighbours.

Three Things Challenge #9

I have been taking part in the Three Things Challenge from Haunted Wordsmith. There will be a link to this challenge at the bottom of this post.

Todays prompt words are: friend, candy bar, Titanic.

A friend of mine was meant to travel on Titanic, but, was delayed as she stopped in a shop to buy a candy bar. Thankfully she missed the ship, as it sank. No one has ever been more grateful for slow service in a shop.

Three Things Challenge #7

Todays prompt words are: victory, desert, Neptune

He was pleased he won his bet, however, victory was not as much fun as he had hoped. Sitting alone in the desert when it was exceptionally hot, was probably not his best idea. Especially now that he was hallucinating about being Neptune under the sea. He needed some water to drink, but, had none.

Three Things Challenge #5

Today’s prompts: space, bar, slime

The bar was filled shoulder to shoulder with partying people. She just wanted to find a small bit of space, so that she could wait for her friend, a smile at a stranger only returned a slimy grin from someone who looked like they had sucked a lime. It was late now, and the bar floor was sticky with spilt drinks.

Three Things Challenge #4

As I mentioned yesterday, I am trying to improve my skills. To do this, I have decided to take part in this challenge, which involves the author of the blog liked below posting three unconnected words as inspiration for your writing that day. This is my first attempt at this, so please forgive the general awfulness of my post.

Todays Inspiration words are: pirate, night, porcupine

The main decision was, did she go to the Halloween party dressed as a pirate or a porcupine, she liked the idea of the porcupine, as it would be warmer than the pirate outfit, and the night of the party was meant to be incredibly cold. However, the fact is, people would probably pick the pirate before the porcupine. Should she stick to her own choice, or should she let the group influence her decision?

Three Things Challenge #3

In an effort to improve my skills, I have decided to try to post some ‘creative’ things to this blog, as a record for myself. The blog below popped up when I was checking for a writing challenge to take part in, it will be fun to take part in this. The idea is that every day the Author of that Blog will post three unconnected words as inspiration for your writing that day. This is my first attempt at this, so please forgive the general awfulness of my post.

Today’s prompt words are river, sunset, safe.


The car was parked in a quiet area near a river at sunset, well, it was meant to be sunset, but the lashing rain and black clouds had decided to cloak the sunset from view. The woman sitting, weeping in the car felt that the weather matched her mood perfectly, as she was feeling as low as she ever had, things had not been going well for her recently and she wanted some space to breathe. Sitting, watching and listening to water, whether rivers, lakes or the sea had always brought her great peace, she didn’t want to leave her little oasis of calm, she felt safe in her car, away from the drama where no one could find her, the low light together with the heavy rain meant that everyone nearby was too distracted to look into her car. She knew she would have to leave this place soon and go home again, that she would have to turn on her phone again, but, for now, she was on her own.