Blind Spot – Paula Hawkins

Paula Hawkins released this book in 2022 and is not part of a series. It is part of the Reading Agency, Quick Reads series. The book is 120 pages long. Paula Hawkins is the author of ‘The Girl On The Train’, ‘Into The Water’, and ‘A Slow Fire Burning’.

Lifelong friends Edie, Jake, and Ryan had an apparently unbreakable bond. When Ryan is accused of killing Jake, Edie’s world is shattered. Isolated, alone, grief-stricken, and afraid, Edie doesn’t realise that someone is watching her and making Edie remember long forgotten events.

Page one, line one, and you are instantly brought into both the heart of the story and the world that these characters live in, and the pace continues to rattle along until the surprising twist at the end of the story.

This book is not part of a series, but, I believe that it has the potential to become a series, as there are unanswered questions in this story that could be fleshed out into a book of their own. I would happily read any subsequent book based on these characters.

I enjoyed this book, but, I felt that the point about the strength of the friendship between the three main characters may have been emphasised a little too much. I was left with questions about the three characters’ connection to each other and if there was further backstory that could explain it.

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