‘Inside of a Button’

This is a poem I asked Chat GPT to compose about the inside of a button, I was experimenting with the software.

The inside of a button, so small and round,
A tiny space, but holds so much profound.
A world within, a universe in its own,
A peaceful haven, where memories are shown.

The shank, a bridge, connecting two sides,
Attaching the button to garments with pride.
A simple task, but a crucial one too,
Bringing together, what was once askew.

The material, a story to be told,
Of how it was made, before it grew old.
Plastic or metal, bone or wood,
Each with a history, of its own good.

The design, a symbol, a message to send,
Of style and fashion, or a statement to bend.
A smiley face, a flower, or a crest,
Each with its own meaning, to be confessed.

In this tiny space, a world is born,
Of quiet beauty, never to be torn.
A button’s interior, a simple delight,
A treasure trove, of memories and light.

I also asked it to compose a haiku, and this is the result of that request.

A tiny world,
Button’s interior hides,
Peaceful, still, and calm.

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