‘The Ink Black Heart’ – Robert Galbraith

This is the sixth book in the Strike series by Robert Galbraith.

I read this book in one day, I started in the morning and read until I fell asleep late in the night, it is impossible for me to read these books slowly and I always end up with a type of reading hangover when I finish the next installment of the Strike Series.

This title like the others in the series was a very clever mystery that kept pulling me through the story from the first page.

Robin Ellacott doesn’t know what to do with a frantic co-creator (Edie Ledwell) of a popular cartoon that she has never heard of and dismisses the case. This is until the same woman is found dead, at which point Robin and Strike get pulled into the mission to uncover what actually happened to Edie.

The answer seems to be based on who or what is Anomie? However, things are never that simple and with a complex web of aliases, interests, and family conflicts to deal with, Robin and Strike find that this case stretches their skills.

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