Polaroid Now

This is a different type of a book review, as it is about a photography book that is the result of artists using Polaroid cameras and film across the decades. I love photography and instant photography is one of my favourite types, so anytime I see anything Polaroid or Instax, I buy it. However, this book has some images from some Twitter friends of mine, which made this book even more interesting to me. It is fantastic to see some lesser known Polaroid Photographers feature beside some legendary names, including Andy Warhol.

A lot of thought went into every facet of this book, from the cover art, to the gold edged pages, to the paper stock, the layout and most importantly, as I previously mentioned, the mixture of Photographers featured.

If you like photography, Polaroids, or just lovely books, I would recommend this publication. I know it is one that I will return to many times in the future.

I have included a non affiliated link below to German Amazon. If you buy it from this link, I will not benefit in any way whatsoever, I have included it for information reasons.

Thank you to all those who were involved in putting it together, it is a joy to read.

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