Marian Keyes Writing Prompt 2

The writing prompt that Marian gave her participants on the 15th of January was: “He got to his feet and his shadow moved over her, while drops of cool water fell from his body onto her hot skin”. The idea behind these prompts is that Marian would like people to write 500 words inspired by the prompt. Marian does not want people to overthink it, but, would like people to get in touch with their subconscious and write whatever comes to mind. I am not attempting them in order given, but in the order of inspiration. This is my attempt for this prompt.

Tilly had been travelling around Asia alone for the last couple of months, as she had finally made the time to do something interesting, other than watching a film on a Saturday night with a takeaway. Tilly had been to some of the countries in this region, which had given her a taste for more, so here she was, on a rare day off from day trips to here, there and everywhere. It was a typical day in Asia for this time of year, hot, humid, and blue skies as far as the eye can see.

Tilly was lying on her stomach, reading a book, listening to music, and enjoying an icy cold drink, it was a truly wonderful day. Her brain was distilling all the information that she had been given over the last few weeks as well as all the wonderful sites she had seen.

It was not unusual for people to look at her when they realised that she was travelling alone and seemed to be having a great time without a travel companion. The number of times Tilly had been asked the questions, are you on your own? Why are you on your own? Is it safe for a lone female to travel on her own? It bored her to tears to have to answer these questions. However, she was amused when people were taken aback by her response ‘because I want to’.

However, just because Tilly travelled alone, did not mean that she wasn’t careful and hyper aware of her surroundings. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a man from the far end of the pool, perfectly dive into the water, with barely a splash, it appeared to her that he swam the length of the pool underwater. Eventually, he got to Tilly’s end of the pool, pulled himself out of the pool, got to feet, his shadow moved over her, but, Tilly thought he was going to pass her and make his way to the bar, however, the drops of cool water feel from his body onto to hot skin and he wasn’t moving away. Tilly turned around to ask the man what was he doing, standing over her and watching her like that, as she did, she was surprised to see the familiar, sparkling eyes and easy smile of an old friend. JAMES! she excitedly squealed, what are you doing here?!

Tilly sat up to make space for her friend to sit on her sun lounger, James sat beside her and started talking.

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