Marian Keyes Novel Writing Class

The Author Marian Keyes is holding a four week, online Novel writing class, at the moment (January 2021). If you miss the live sessions (which I have) you can catch up with it on her YouTube channel,

I have only just discovered her course at the end week one. However, Marian is posting a writing prompt every day, where she wants to help participants get in touch with their subconscious, and does not want people to think too much about the 500 words she suggests they write. You can check her Twitter account,, to see what they are.

As it has been a while since I tried a writing prompt challenge, I’m looking forward to trying Marian’s prompts. My gratitude goes to Marian who has taken the time to host this class and give prompts for us to try. My attempt at each prompt will have a post of its own, following this one.

I am excited to follow along with the rest of Marian’s classes and to seeing what scrambled mess may spill from my brain.

Thank you Marian.

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