Meeting Theme Example

Each Toastmasters meeting has a theme set by the Toastmaster. It is usually just a bit of fun, and anyone who has a role in the meeting must send their reply to the Toastmaster to be read out during the meeting. This week’s Toastmaster Karen, posed the question below, I have also supplied my answer.

Q. Villain makeover – if you were to pick a villain – if you were to improve him/her – how and why?

A. The villain I would like to makeover is the internationally notorious Mr. Wile E. Coyote. After many progressively disastrous and wasted years of trying to catch and eat Roadrunner, Mr. Coyote has seen the error of his ways and has given up his campaign of trying to catch poor Roadrunner, and has now adopted a plant based diet and has become a pacifist, vegan, Influencer. This means that rather than ordering online from Acme Industries to buy a never ending selection of increasingly useless products from overpriced late night infomercials, when Mr. Coyote is not running his Lifestyle YouTube Channel, he also produces his own seasonal, limited run craft Kombucha and tours the world attending Global Peace Symposiums and giving Ted Talks with his speaking partner, Roadrunner. Their inspirational message is one of co-operation and peace, they condemn any and all violence and are held up as the perfect example of just how you can turn your life around if you want too. Mr. Coyote has dropped the name Wile E., due to the negative connotations of that name and now simply goes by the name Coyote. Coyote and Roadrunner still cannot believe that they won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2018. The next big project for Coyote and Roadrunner is to get their animated documentary series pilot episode green lit by one of the big studios, in an attempt to get their message through to children.

It was only after I submitted my answer that I realised, I had not really answered the question. Oops!

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