I am using Anchor.Fm as the distribution hub for my Podcast, as I had seen it recommended on the Tom on the Enthusiasm Project YouTube Channel. is simple and intuitive to use. it has all the tools you need to create and launch a Podcast, from recording the Podcast to the assets that you can use to make intro’s and outro’s. It has sound effects and a system that allows people to leave you messages that can be incorporated into the Podcast. These are of course wonderful features by themselves, but, one of the biggest features of is that the site pushes your Podcast out to all the Podcast broadcast platforms with one push of a button. This is a massive time saver and just makes things so much easier. I love this feature, all you need to do is tick the platforms you want to use, when you are setting up the account and that’s it. Every time you publish another episode, it will automatically be sent to those services. It took me a few minutes to set up the account and to fill in the relevant sections from the cover art to the contact details for the Podcast. It was so easy to use, and makes the management of your Podcast so very straightforward. I wish all sites were that stress free! There is a useful section on the dashboard that lets you know the steps you need to complete and how many of them you have finished, which is again, very helpful, as you exactly where you are in the setup process. Well done Thank you.

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