Launching a Podcast

It feels like I was the last person on the planet to start a Blog, and now I am repeating this habit with a Podcast. Like the Blogs, I had been thinking about it for a very long time (maybe a couple of years or more). The problem was the details, what would the subject matter be, would I share it with another person, how long should it be, should I use the season concept. Anyway, one evening recently, the completed plan popped into my head and I had decided on all the details and the subject matter. The subject matter and style had been rolling around in my head for quite a while. My Podcast will be six, ten minute episodes per season and each season will have a different theme which will be released on a Sunday evening. I decided that 10 minutes was probably long enough for someone to listen to me waffling on and I think the idea of six episodes per season makes the whole thing more manageable, as there will be a lot of research needed for my topics.

The Podcast is called ‘Bits, Bobs, Thingies’, I believe that the name reflects both me and the breadth of subjects that I intend to cover. It will be in the style of those ‘did you know’ informative type of Podcasts and I will be telling lesser known stories from around Dublin (Season 1) that I find interesting, and hopefully you will too. I love the idea of the hidden history that is right in front of us, and it is these stories that I will be focusing on.

Within minutes of the completed plan forming in my mind, I had a website registered, as well as Twitter and email accounts. I had set the Podcast up on for distribution purposes and my Channel Art was in place. As of yet, I have not opened a YouTube account, or other Social Media Accounts for the Podcast, as I believe that the ones already set up will be sufficient. The main function of the website will be to both feature the Podcast and any supporting or further information that I think listeners might be interested in.

I would love to buy the Rodecaster Pro, but, I think for the moment, I will see how things go with the equipment that I have. Each episode will have elements of sound design in it, to support the story being told, this means that each episode might take a little longer for me to produce than it would, if there was not any sound design.

The website is, but, it is yet to be launched, as I am still designing it. I will let people know when the site is launched.

Do you have any tips for starting a Podcast, or, do you have a Podcast? If you do, please comment below.

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