Daily Writing Challenge

I found another writing challenge to take part in, I am late to this challenge, but I have been assured that it is ok to join in now. The link is below, should you wish to try it, it comes from a blog called Johawkthewriter. The idea behind this is to write every day and the next day you post your word count on the JoHawkerTheWriter post. I think that this will be fun. It is also recommended on the site that you start with short stories, just to get you into the habit of writing.

One thought on “Daily Writing Challenge

  1. Hi Emily. Thanks for the recommendation.

    If you or your readers are new to the daily writing habit, it’s often difficult to know what to write. Starting small and building on your success helps develop and reinforce the habit. I start every day with a piece of flash fiction. Normally in the 100 to 250-word range before moving to my other work. But your readers can use a journal, a blog post, or hop right into writing their novel. Whatever works. The main idea is to write.

    Thanks again and I look forward to seeing the word counts add up. Keep on writing. 😊

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