30 Day Writing Challenge #1

Alex despised being late, she really did, it was nearly a pathological loathing. This is why, if she had her way, she would always be anywhere between 30 minutes and an hour early for things, as she would much rather sit in a cafe or her car down the road from where she needed to be, rather than rushing around, stressed out and inevitably making mistakes and forgetting things, all because she was late. She had friends that were the exact opposite of her and only arrived at a meeting place an hour or more after the arranged time, which drove Alex crazy.

However, today was one of those rare days when she was running late or at least her version of being late, that is to say, Alex may arrive at the train station on time and not early, which was utterly unacceptable. The reason for this panic was that she had to get the last train home, and if she missed it because it left on time or early, she would have to stay where she was overnight. Alex lived in Dublin but had taken the train to Kerry for the day, and she really did not want to miss that train. As she ran up the road towards the train station with her camera bag hitting her back, she wondered why did it seem like a good idea to stop and take photos of the stunning view. Alex wished she did not have to rush as it was a beautiful summers evening, but, she had to get home. She must have startled some of the other travellers as she finally burst through the train station doors, huffing and puffing, because, they all turned to look at the red-faced apparition crashing into the station house. Rummaging for her ticket and muttering to herself, Alex went through onto the platform to see the welcome sight of the last train waiting to load its passengers. Alex got into the queue boarding the train with her fellow passengers and eventually sat down, thankful that she had got to the train on time.

The train pulled out of the station on the way to Limerick Junction, before the connecting train brought people back to Dublin, Alex had enjoyed her day in Kerry and promised to visit again, as Kerry was an amazing place.

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