Three Things Challenge #40

Today’s word prompts from Haunted Wordsmith are: canteen, language, tolerable.

Sitting in the canteen at work, the waves of different languages and use of language crashed across A.B’s turbulent mind. Though A.B. was pleased to work in a large multinational company as she was able to work with and make friends with people from all over the world and the options for travel were a bonus too. Today, however, she was finding the noise barely tolerable, as she was obsessing about how many times her boyfriend Billy kept accidently calling her by his ex-girlfriend, Maud’s name. Maud and A.B. had not spoken since the day A.B. and Billy had moved in together, which also happened to be the day that Maud had moved out of Billy’s apartment. A.B. didn’t really see what the problem was with Maud, other than the manner in which Maud had found out about Billy and A.B., but, A.B. thought these things happen. Maud was just been overly dramatic, as usual.

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