Three Things Challenge #39

Today’s word prompts from Haunted Wordsmith are: shaky, Nana, laundry line.

Mabel held on to the laundry line feeling incredibly shaky and ill, her heart was racing and her brain felt woolly. It was at times like this she wished she was someone’s mother or nana, as she wanted someone to call out to, someone to look after her, someone to worry about her, or as the case may be, someone to miss her. Sadly, there would be no one to reminisce about the lovely, silly, crazy things that Mabel did for them. Mabel had no siblings or children, she came close to marriage once, but in the end, she got cold feet and didn’t go through with it. Mabel sometimes saw her former fiance on tv, he was quite famous these days, his nickname was the peoples Grandad. Mabel knew that the best she could hope for was that the neighbour might become curious as to her lack of activities and might call emergency services. The reality was that her body probably wouldn’t be found for weeks.

As the birds soared and swooped in the sky calling to each other, Mabel slid to the ground, looking up to the sky, thankful that at least her final moments were sunny and warm as opposed to her arrival on earth during the worst storm for years.

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