Three Things Challenge #37

Today’s word prompts from Haunted Wordsmith are: cry, dark, silver bullet.

Maud was hiding in her car in the furthest corner of the carpark, thankful that it was getting dark, as it meant no one would see her there, on her own, in her car, with the lights off, trying and failing not to cry. They had a massive argument a couple of hours ago, the relationship ending type of an argument. The reason was simple and stupidly cliche, Maud discovered that Billy had been having an affair with her lifelong best friend. Maud had been at her best friends house, singing her now ex-boyfriends praises when she saw his silver-bullet necklace peeping out from under the duvet on her friend’s bed. When her friend saw what Maud was looking at, she said that Billy had been there helping her by chasing a mouse, his necklace must have fallen off without him noticing. Maud pretended to believe her now former friend, kept calm, left and went home to talk to Billy. When Maud asked Billy about the necklace, he lost his temper and accused her of many awful things, including suggesting that she was accusing him and her friend of having an affair and called her all sorts of insulting names. Maud stood watching this stranger before her who up until that moment she thought she knew, and asked a simple question: is it true? Billy paused, went purple, picked up a glass and smashed it against the wall. As Billy pulled himself up to his full height and snorting like a bull, Maud, quietly asked him to go out for a few hours, so that she could pack up her stuff and move out. Billy swallowed, snatched his phone, wallet and keys off the table and marched out of the house, throwing some more insults over his shoulder at Maud as his left. As the door slammed shut, Maud was on her knees picking up the shattered shards of the destroyed glass, thinking to herself that she would now need to pick up the shards of her own life, which like the glass was now irretrievably changed. The apartment was one that Billy had rented before they moved in together, so she knew she would be the one to leave. Maud tried not to think about what Billy and her former friend may have been doing there when she was away on business trips. Her mind kept flashing back to how well Billy and ‘HER’ used to get on, the in-jokes, the hugs, all of it. Maud, at the time, had thought that she was incredibly lucky that her bff and her boyfriend had gotten on so well, as it would make life easier for all concerned if there was no animosity between Billy and ‘HER’. Maud couldn’t even think her former friends’ name at the moment. The betrayal was washing over in tsunami like waves of heartbreak. Thankfully, Maud managed to get her belongings packed and into her car quickly. Maud knew what had happened was a fact, but, she still wanted to believe that she was wrong, that Billy and ‘HER’ had not hurt her like that, that is why she was hiding and watching the door of the building. As she had expected, Billy and ‘HER’ arrived back to the building Maud had so recently moved out of, hand in hand and laughing. Maud knew she needed to see this, she needed more proof that she was a fool. This was the confirmation that Maud didn’t want, but knew she needed. When the door closed behind the two traitors, Maud put her car in gear, peered through boxes of her belongings that were reflected in her rearview mirror, and drove away from the two people outside of her family who meant the most to her in the world. Maud wondered would she be able to reapply for the job transfer that she turned down, and more pressingly, where would she go to now? Normally, she would have gone to her friend’s house, this was no longer ever going to be an option again. As she considered her next step, she deleted all contact details of Billy and ‘HER’ from her phone. If they were not on the phone, they did not exist.

2 thoughts on “Three Things Challenge #37

  1. Did Billy and “Her” really exist — sorry, couldn’t help slipping in a twist implied ending 🙂

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