Three Things Challenge #11

Todays prompts from Haunted Wordsmith in the Three Things Challenge are: mist, shack, cliff.

People in the area spoke in hushed tones about the Banshee that lives in the dilapidated, lonely old shack near the edge of the cliff. Everyone in the village had their own examples of rumours of the screaming, odd noises and weird happenings near and in the shack. Nobody was brave enough to approach the sad little tin-roofed building, especially when it looked as creepy as it did now, shrouded in mist on a cold late autumn evening. If only they knew that the Banshee was actually an antisocial old lady with vision problems and a habit for banging into things stubbing her toes, hence the screaming. The old lady only came out in the hours of darkness so she could avoid dealing with her neighbours.

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