Three Things Challenge #4

As I mentioned yesterday, I am trying to improve my skills. To do this, I have decided to take part in this challenge, which involves the author of the blog liked below posting three unconnected words as inspiration for your writing that day. This is my first attempt at this, so please forgive the general awfulness of my post.

Todays Inspiration words are: pirate, night, porcupine

The main decision was, did she go to the Halloween party dressed as a pirate or a porcupine, she liked the idea of the porcupine, as it would be warmer than the pirate outfit, and the night of the party was meant to be incredibly cold. However, the fact is, people would probably pick the pirate before the porcupine. Should she stick to her own choice, or should she let the group influence her decision?

2 thoughts on “Three Things Challenge #4

  1. It is a very prickly subject, whether to pick the pirate or the porcupine. There is the obvious danger of an eye injury with the porcupine costume but should you pick the pirate do watch out for those sharp cutlasses. Life is fraught with danger or so the health and safety people would have us believe!

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